Sierra Burgess is a Loser


Alicia Saenz

This movie is a Netflix Original film, which came out on September 7, 2018. The two main characters are Noah Centineo who plays Jamey, and Shannon Purser who plays Sierra. It’s about how Sierra is a loser and she doesn’t really have self confidence in herself because she’s a little overweight, she kinda gets bullied but she knows how to deal with it. Jamey, later on comes into a diner to try to get a cheerleaders number named Veronica (Kristine Froseth) but instead Veronica gives Sierra’s number to Jamey.

    Long story short Jamey and Sierra text all night, but Jamey thinking that he was talking to Veronica. Sierra and Veronica aren’t friends until Sierra decides to confront her about Veronica giving out Sierra’s number to random guys, and turns out Veronica was recently dumped by her boyfriend because she was “ too dumb”. So in return of helping Veronica get smart, Veronica has to play along with Sierra’s plan about having to pretend to like Jamey so nothing would be suspicious in person, and so that Sierra can still talk to Jamey over the phone.

     I would suggest this movie to people because some people in life can be straight up rude and disrespectful towards people acting like they’re better than everyone else. No one knows how funny or nice a person can be because they’re too busy judging about how they look,size,who they hang around,or just because they don’t want to hang out with someone that they think is a loser. In a girls point of view, we are quick to judge people and make up opinions that we think about that person. Especially if we find out that a guy likes you but you don’t know him, you look at him to see if he’s cute or not, if he’s cute you stick around, but if he’s not we’ll  just try to be friends, we don’t even try to see the personality.