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Nike Announces Kaepernick as face of new marketing Campaign

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The notable NFL protest started in 2017 by former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick lead to significant changes in NFL anthem policies.

Kaepernick made headlines by kneeling during the national anthem in an attempt to shed light upon the issues of police brutality and racial injustice in particularly in regards to people of color.  Kaepernick saw much support from other players as well as citizens across the country while he also received a lot of negative feedback for his stance.

Recently, Nike has dropped an announcement that they are supporting Colin Kaepernick and getting him to be their spokesperson for a new campaign they are rolling out this fall.

Kaepernick received much criticism from President Trump on his decision to take a knee during the national anthem.  Trump and many others found this act to be a sign of disrespect toward the nation’s veterans as well as current military personnel.  Kaepernick stated publicly that his decision to take a knee was based solely on the idea of bringing attention to the issue of police brutality among people of color in the United States.   

Regardless of how many people feel regarding Kaepernick’s decision, Nike has still decided to sign Kaepernick to a deal making him the spokesperson for their new “Just Do It” campaign.  Nike will feature Colin Kaepernick on several platforms, including billboards, television commercials and online ads. Nike is also set to create an apparel line for Kaepernick and contribute a portion of its profits to the Know Your Rights charity established by Kaepernick.  Kaepernick may not be suiting up to play an NFL game this season but he surely is suiting up for Nike and making a difference for many people.

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