NJHS Officer Elections

NJHS Officer Elections

Parker Gruszecki

We have all heard of elections for NJHS before, but this year is going to be different. As we all know, election campaigns were held on September 17, 2018.

Competitions like these aren’t going to be easy, as you need to get the school on your side. Organizing speeches, and making campaign posters to put all over the school. Well, even your friends will be running for that position. The competition was very intense, as some NJHS students are going to be looking for your opinion on why and why not you want to vote for them. I can guarantee, someone has been in that position.

“I don’t really care for politics. It’s just a bad influence on people.” As said by Cole Criswell.

While there is some truth to this statement to a certain extent, however, politics  does help us in a huge way. Have you ever tried to run for an officer position before? If so, it must have been hard for you to get people on your side in order to win. Between speeches, posters, and the questions they will ask you. Were you prepared to take the risk?

“I only vote the people who have the courage to do the impossible.” Stated, Zane Berry.

NJHS is not so easy to get into. Your grades need to be on point, and you are required to have a streak in good behavior. Voting the right person may do everything in his or her power to make education better for everyone, so they can be one step closer to college.