Bradan Ludeman (8th)


Cameron Sheppard

Bradan Ludeman is an 8th grader here at Heritage Middle School. He is in the athletic program and enjoys playing football and is also a military kid.

Born in South Carolina, but not really growing up in any specific place, Bradan is a pretty interesting kid. He has been to places like Dubai, Paris, Hawaii, ect. His mom is in the military and his step dad is retired from the military. On his free time, Bradan likes to go outside and hang out with his friends. Also, he likes to play Fortnite in his free time.  Bradan has aspirations of becoming a personal trainer when he finishes college.

Bradan was just ten years old when his parents went through a divorce. While this is a part of life for many people this divorce hit Braden hard as it occured around the time of his birthday. He just recently had a birthday and it reminds him of this event each year.

Bradan is an all around cool kid. He has been to many cool places, he is starting on A-team football, and he even knows what he wants to do when he grows up.