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Heritage Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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Hispanic Heritage Month is all about recognizing the rich history and culture of the Hispanic community.. Heritage Middle School is acknowledging the culture by having students that are taking Spanish 2 do an assignment based on this celebration.

Students were given a project to do that required a famous Hispanic individual such as Cesar Chavez. Students  had to gather information about where the person was born, their career, and what things they did in their lifetime.. For example Frida Kahlo was one of Mexico’s greatest artist. She became a painter after a near fatal accident. She is also known as the master of self-portraits.  

Hispanic Heritage Month is all about embracing the rich culture while acknowledging famous individuals in the past and present.  The city of San Antonio runs deep in Hispanic culture and it is such a part of the everyday life for many citizens of the city. If you find yourself on the Heritage campus be sure to check out some of the cool Hispanic displays popping up around campus.  

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