8th Grade Volleyball Team Drops game to Dobie


Asytynn Almaraz

The 8th grade volleyball team played against Dobie Middle School on October 11th here at Heritage and the Lady Canes suffered their first loss in two years. They went into three sets and won the second set. The first set was 4-25, the second was 25-23 and the third was 2-15 but the Lady Canes fought hard and tried their best.

“I was very proud of the team because we worked hard these past few weeks but when we got into the game we got to nervous which brought us down and i knew we weren’t the team we usually are and after we were sad because it was our first loss in two years  but I know we did good and fought hard,” stated Caroline Garcia.

When we were playing, we got too nervous and it got in our heads and that is what made us mess up and I know my team, we did not play the way we usually do and we worked hard and tried our best and I am very proud of the whole team.” stated Mallory Strunk

This week will be the last volleyball game of the season against Legacy Middle School  7th grade at home and 8th grade at East Central High School.