7th Grade Volleyball Team Defeats Dobie in an Epic Showdown !!!!!


Destiny Parker

7th grade Heritage volleyball team lost in the the first set 27-25 and defeated Dobie in the second set 27-25.  The team did so well that the placed the whole team as the players of the games. Over the season and they have really grown close as a team.

The coaches are really proud of the how much the girls have grown since the beginning.  Mrs. White stated that she was extremely proud of the girls because even though the beginning was rough they managed to come together and form as a team, they have been working hard together and they were extremely focused. The girls feel like the volleyball team is a second family and have started to become like sisters.

This game was one of several close games the ladies have played in this year but they remain undefeated in their quest for a STAC district championship. There are only a few more games left for the ladies this season and they are looking to finish off the season with a trophy under their belts.