Mylean Murillo


Alicia Saenz

Mylean loves athletics, loves to do her makeup, and she laughs at about almost anything. Mylean’s birthday is on May 10th, she’s currently 14 and in 8th grade. She loves the  football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Mylean has a younger sister, her name is Alexa, she’s 6 years old, and in kindergarten.

 “ I like to watch The Vampire Diaries,play soccer or basketball.” stated Mylean when asked about what she likes to do in her spare time. She likes to listen to rap music and Spanish music, basically anything by XXXTENTACTION or Enrique Iglesias. When interviewed she mentioned that fall is one of her favorite seasons because “ it’s not hot nor cold, it’s like the perfect type of weather.”

“ The most important people in my life is my foster parents,my mom, and my mom’s side of the family. These people are important to me because they’re always there for me, I can’t see life without them to be honest. My best friend is also really important to me, she makes my day at school,when I’m feeling down she makes everything better, I don’t know who’d I be without that dummy.”

  Mylean is one of the funniest, caring, honest, and loyal person you’ll ever meet. . She is always focused on her school work and likes to minimize her distractions “I need to focus on my work, with my phone I have the urge to always be on it and listen to music, but without it I feel more focused and that’s a good thing considering that I want to keep all passing grades and try to get straight A’s.” Mylean is a great student and HMS loves her.