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 Outside of school with Ms. Moore

Isabella Cruzatte, Photojournalist

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 Faith Moore is a 8th grade U.S. history teacher that is 21 years old.  She graduated from Abilene Christian University and this is her second year teaching at Heritage. She’s actually went to Heritage when she was in middle school. She grew up in ECISD and graduated from East Central High School.

She decided to become a teacher when she was a senior in high school. Ms. Moore wanted to teach statistics or algebra. She became a teacher because she liked helping her friends and people in her classes with their assignments. Ms. Moore was always the person other students would go to when they didn’t understand what was going on in class. In college she switched from math education to social studies because there is more variety in the field of social studies versus math. With a degree in social studies she teaches history, government, geography, economics or psychology.

Ms. Moore doesn’t have any children, but has siblings. Ms. Moore has an older brother and a younger brother in 7th grade. She has two older step brothers and an adopted sister/step cousin.  Ms. Moore grew up primarily with her mom and older brother.

Ms.Moore she enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, playing board/card games and watching Netflix. Her favorite show right now is The Flash.

When she was in 4th grade she started a Series of Unfortunate Events book club on the playground. She even created an entrance exam for people to join my club.

Her original career plan before becoming a teacher is that she wanted to be a film director. In middle and high school Ms.Moore enjoyed everything about the filmmaking process from shooting to editing to acting.  

If Ms. Moore could visit any destination in the world she would love to visit the United Kingdom. She loves the history of the region and she would like to visit some of the spots that inspired the Harry Potter series.

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 Outside of school with Ms. Moore