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       Behind the scenes of Coach Muenster

Ariel Gilbert, Photojournalist

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Shawn Muenster is a loved Physical Education Teacher. She coaches a lot of things such as girls Athletics ,girls Pre Athletics, PE, and Dance. Working on her 19th year at Heritage, Coach Muenster was born in St. Joseph’s Missouri on Christmas Day in 1964. After returning home Muenster and her parents moved to San Antonio, Texas and have been there ever since.

    Growing up as a middle child of three, a her Jeff and her sister Kelly were raised by their mom in a single parent household. Coach Muenster and her sister have been very close since their brother Jeff passed in a car accident at the age of 41. Shawn Muenster is a single mom of two but is soon to be married in December, 2018. She has a son Joshua and a daughter named Kiersten. Coach Muenster also has been blessed with a grandson Maxwell who is two years old. Coach thanks God everyday for her children and grandchild.

    Shawn Muenster attended college at Texas State University in San Marcos Texas where she received her bachelor’s degree in science. She later received her master’s in education at Concordia University in Austin, Texas. Dr. Jean Dudney was one of the Professors that encouraged Coach Munster to teach PE and become a coach.

     As a little kid Muenster had always wanted to be a nurse or a physical therapist ,but the sight of blood made her sick and she could never see herself giving someone a shot.  Muenster loves the outdoors and indulging in activities such as camping, going to the beach, going to Sea World, the Zoo and ext.

Muenster has always dreamed of going to Cape Cod , Massachusetts, or Astoria, Oregon because all the Free Willy movies were filmed there and the scenery is beautiful

As a child she could remember going to Missouri for Christmas and playing in the snow. She has had many opportunities to swim with dolphins and Beluga whales. Her favorite memories are when her kids were born and all the memories they have together.

Muenster enjoys each day and sees each day as a blessing.


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       Behind the scenes of Coach Muenster