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The Facts Behind Sara Albers

Ariana Ruiz, Photojournalist

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Sara Albers has been a teacher here at Heritage for two years. With a passion for helping kids learn, Mrs. Albers teaches Algebra 1. She’s a very enthusiastic and loving teacher.

Born on April 15th, 1992, Sara grew up in a southern Californian town called Temecula. Her home was located less than an hour from the beach and the mountains, so she spent most of her time doing fun things close to her house. Her hobbies also include going on hikes, reading books, listening to music and hanging out with her husband and her three dogs. She has two lab mixes and a pitbull. She also has a younger sister that lives with her and also looks similar to her.

Sara went to college at San Diego State University. She started college right after high school. She transferred to UTSA when she moved to Texas a couple years ago. She now attends the University of Texas at Arlington and she’s working towards a Master’s degree. Before she decided to be a teacher, Sara planned on being an accountant. She changed her mind when she thought the job would be too boring for her.

One of Sara’s most memorable stories from her childhood is when she went kayaking in Pismo Beach, CA. She went on a cave tour. A wave came and the water rose really high and pushed her up towards the top of the cave they were in. She had to bend over so her head wouldn’t hit the cave. She kept capsizing in the water, and the water was freezing cold. Her sister grabbed onto her and they waited for the tour guide to bring their kayak back to them so they could go back to the shore. She states that it was frightening at the time, but her family laughs about the story now.

Sara would enjoy visiting New Zealand and Australia. Her mom’s family is from Australia, and her cousin lives in New Zealand. She would love to visit the two places to visit her family. She’d also enjoy to see the Northern Lights.

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The Facts Behind Sara Albers