Animal Defence League Helps a Very Important Dog

Animal Defence League Helps a Very Important Dog

Rebecca K., Section Editor

Rebecca K.- Section Editor

In 1934, the Animal Defense League was founded. They are a no-kill shelter that takes in neglected, abused, and abandoned cats/dogs. They take in the animals and give them needed medical care including spaying and neutering. They also have special medical care for special needs dogs and cats. They are located at 11300 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217 and 210 Tuleta Dr, San Antonio, TX 78212.

One of those special needs dogs is Hercules and this is his story. Hercules was transferred to the ADL from Animal Care Services (ACS). He is a gentle and calm 7-year-old mastiff mix. Unfortunately, he was surrendered with a noticeable hole under his left eye, and when he was examined they discovered a large defect in his palate. The hole went through the top of his back mouth which extends through his sinus cavity under his eye.  It caused food to get into his nose, and if not treated it could have caused a respiratory infection or possible aspiration pneumonia. Hercules was taken to town and country Veterinary Hospital where Dr.Bunning performed a CT scan to see the damage to his palate and skull. Dr. Bunning came to the conclusion that it appeared to be a gunshot wound. Hercules required specialized surgery, and facial reconstruction to repair the defect in the bone of the maxilla under the eye. His surgery was a success!! There was still some swelling, but Hercules was doing great he was already eager to play. After a long recovery, he was better than ever and looking for his forever home. The ADL is always helping dogs and cats like this every day.

Unfortunately, the capacity at the two facilities is limited, so they do offer another option: fostering! You can get kittens, puppies, adult dogs/cats with medical needs, and mama cats and dogs with litters. All you need to do to go to their website to find out how. They will provide you with the necessities including food, carrier, medications, litter boxes, litter, collars, and regular check-ups. The usual time for the animal to be in foster care is around 2-4 weeks, but if it is overcrowded they may need to stay longer. Younger animals stay until they are old enough for the spaying/neutering surgery. If you are unable to continue fostering you can return the animal at any time. If you are a foster, you will receive emails about animals that are in need of care.

Another way you can help your animal friends is sponsoring, donating, and tributes. Sponsoring a cat or dog is where you make a tax-deductible donation of  $ 125, and with the sponsorship, your selected dog or cat will be sponsored for up to 6 months. The sponsorship goes towards the selected animal’s pet care, and if the animal you sponsored is adopted in less than 30 days you are able to transfer your sponsorship to another dog or cat of your choice.