Why You Should Watch IT Chapter 2

Why You Should Watch IT Chapter 2

Elijah H., Photojournalist

Elijah H.-Photojournalist

For generations, Pennywise used the town of Derry as his personal hunting ground, haunting its sewers and stealing its children.

Only fitting, really, that Pennywise was defeated by kids too young to shave. In 1989, the so-called “Losers Club” beat the clown forcing him into an uneasy hibernation. The Club’s members longed to believe. Depriving him of the feast he’d become accustomed to every 27 years or so, the children hoped he’d starve. But you can’t keep a bad clown down, and  Pennywise is a very bad clown.

In 2016, when the body of a man is found in Derry—sliced and diced like stew meat—a now-adult Mike Hanlon knows that Pennywise is back. While the rest of the “Losers’ Club” moved away, Mike stayed behind to watch and wait. He remembers Pennywise well, and he remembers the oath that he and his friends took back in the day to reunite if the murderous villain ever returned.

Funny thing, No one else remembers much of anything.

Besides Mike, an old member of the Losers Club is loser no more: Bill’s a successful writer now (even if he doesn’t quite know how to nail a book ending). One-time pudgy new kid Ben now has abs and a prospering architectural firm. Wiseguy Richie’s a standup comedian, hypochondriac Eddie is an insurance whiz. Sensitive Stanley’s a wealthy accountant, and Bev and her husband seem quite comfortable, too.

Yes, they’ve all found success outside Derry and have little desire to go back. In fact, they barely remember Derry at all—especially that terrifying summer of 1989.  It seems that when you leave Derry after a fight with Pennywise, you forget a lot of things. Perhaps because you want to forget so badly.

But when they get Mike’s call, they know they have to come back. Despite the terror they suddenly feel, they need to return to Derry. All but Stanley he remembers the oath and, he remembers more than most, perhaps that’s why he slit his wrists.

When the rest of the Club returns, they soon have to ask a horrible question. Is Mike the only one who brought them back? Unfinished business, perhaps?

For 27 years It has waited, for 27 years It has plotted. It lives on fear as much as blood the terrified bleats of the human sheep it eats. But this time, It also means to taste something else, revenge. This is nearly three-hour sequel has well rounded appealing characters, some laughs, it lacks nerve-rattling scares, and appealing simplicity of its 2017 predecessor. It has a time gap and does not follow its storyline. Go see It chapter 2 in theaters September 18 it a very good movie and worth checking out.