New and Fun updates to come in the Future for Minecraft

New and Fun updates to come in the Future for Minecraft

Marcus J., Photojournalist

Marcus J. –  Photojournalist

Minecraft has been around since 2010 and I have always liked the game. This game is a fun game where in survival mode, you start off with nothing and then get a bunch of tools including wood, stone, iron, gold(i call it butter), and best of all diamonds. Wood tools are basic ones, but gold tools and armor are the best. The armor types from least to best is gold, leather, iron, and diamond, interestingly enough gold is after iron armor and tools. I wasn’t always able to play it and the computers in the school had an old version, probably the 1.4 version, but now I have the game on my phone and can play it whenever I want.

Now there is the 1.15 update called the nether update that will add bees and a bunch of bee related items like bee-hives, beehives, honey comb, bottled honey, and honey blocks which can slow your fall so you don’t take damage. Also the nether is getting new blocks and mobs. There is a new pig beast called the piglen that gets mad when you open a chest and a hog like beast nicknamed the piglen beast that drops food. There is also blue mushrooms, blue and red trees, and blue fire. There are two nether biomes added called soul-sand valley and nether wart forests, as well as a bunch of other things not known about this update. I think this update to Minecraft would bring new reasons to go to the nether other than the things to make the wither, quartz blocks and the loot and blocks in nether fortresses. Sadly, I don’t think we are going to get an actual cave update(the closest we got is 3 new blocks called granite, andesite, diorite and variants for construction. I don’t really like those blocks. They make caves look ugly and have virtually no use. In addition to the updates to the nether and bees including bee related items and blocks, there is also 4 biomes to choose from at Minecon. These biomes are mountains, swamps, badlands and tyga. The mountain biome won. I hope that the mountains would bring an actual use for  emeralds, but sadly they wouldn’t do that.

So when the update comes out there will be mountain goats, thick snow and jagged cliffs on the mountains. I think that these new blocks, mobs, and biomes will bring a lot of people to Minecraft and hopefully kill Fortnite for good.