The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Derynise M., Photojournalist

Derynise M. – Photojournalist

           As many of Shane Dawson and Jeffery Stars fans know Shane is currently filming a second series with Jeffree.  If you don’t know the series is an American documentary that mainly focuses on Jeffree’s life, and career created by Shane Dawson.  Shane tries to understand Jeffree and his world through the series, it contains both humorous and serious moments. 

Shane Dawson is an American youtuber, actor, writer, comedian, director and musician with currently 22.9 million subscribers and 11.3 million followers on Instagram.  When Shane first started on Youtube he was doing food, conspiracy, life hacks, and other videos. It wasn’t until his series with Tana Mongeau (American internet personality musician and model) that he found the type of videos he really loves to do, and fans really enjoy.  Shane and his cameraman Andrew Siwicki (Internet content creator, cinematographer and actor) work hard editing the series. Shane recently got engaged to his boyfriend Ryland Adams on March 19th 2019 which was their third anniversary they had been a couple since 2016.

Jeffree Star is an American internet celebrity, beauty youtuber, makeup artist, model, entrepreneur, and singer-songwriter.  He is also the founder and owner of Jeffree Star cosmetics. In 2006 he was the most followed person on Myspace. He has 16.3 million subscribers on youtube ,and 14.6 million followers on Instagram.  Jeffree started a career in music, wasn’t until 2014 when hen became the founder and CEO of his own cosmetics company. He is currently in a relationship with Nathan Schwandt, have been dating since 2015 they aren’t engaged.

September 24, 2019  Shane had released the  trailer, in that first week it gained over 10 million views, they had started filming the series in January.  The series show the process of the Shane and Jeffree making a makeup and merchandise brand from scratch, the entire makeup collection will be launched on November 1st.  It will also cover the recent scandal of James Charles and Tati Westbrook as well of other scandals Jeffree was in, I don’t know about you but I’m definitely ready for the tea.  Some fans were upset at the fact that the scandal with James ,and Tati would be in the series thinking people would start to attack James again. “I just can’t wait for you guys to watch this next series this is a full documentary on ,so many things me and Shane had such a crazy year .But this is one main point and you guys will see that when you start watching there’s a lot of speculation about what the whole series is about being patient ,and just realize it’s not what you think.”  Jeffree took to Snapchat to respond to the negative about the series basically telling fans the series isn’t about what they think and to just be patient. 

I have been watching the series so far it’s mostly been about The Conspiracy Collection and the process of it all.  If your a fan of Shane you would know he has really been practicing different looks ,and has so much makeup ,and he is  super excited for his collection as is Jeffree. The Conspiracy Collection will have 2 pallets, the main pallet (Conspiracy Eyeshadow Pallet) will have 18 shades Mini Controversy will have 9 shades. in the collection you will also find 6 liquid lipsticks and one clear gloss along with a pig mirror and a selection of makeup bags.  My new merch store is now live!!! Link in bio! thank you Jeffree for changing my life and making this the best year ever” is what Shane has for his caption on a post he posted the 15th of October announcing the launch of his new merchandise which has already sold out.  

All the episodes for the series have not  been uploaded but I’m super excited for the rest of the series.  Be sure to check out the series because I know Shane and Andrew have worked very hard on the editing.The filming for the series is over with, and  Shane is currently focusing on the launch of the collection. I’m proud of all he has accomplished and I’m excited to see what he will do for his next series along with the wedding basically just the whole future.  Hopefully Shane and Jeffree do more collaborations in the future they make such a great team.