Moon landing… fake or real ?

Moon landing... fake or real ?

Samantha M., Photojournalist

Samantha M. -Photojournalist 

  The fake moon landing hoax has been going on for about 50 years. The media had thought that the moon landings were staged by NASA in the mid 1970’s. But one thing that people notice is that the American flag was waving , if there is no type of oxygen or air on the moon, the flag should not be moving. The public made claims about NASA tampering with evidence of the moon landings to make the community believe that they had actually gone to the moon.

   NASA has been denying the theories of their moon landings, in 2001 the Fox television network made a document on the theory and named it “ Did we land on the moon?” which claimed that NASA scammed the public in 1969 to win The Space Race. Even though these claims have been claimed false or  easily debunked, they still go around in the modern day . The deniers had given “proof” from images transmitted back to earth from the moons lunar surface. 

  Youtuber , Shane Dawson had released a video on conspiracy theories called “ Moon landing conspiracy theory”  published on May 31st. He had put some valid points into his video such as , there were rocks on the rocks , the flag was waving,who was filming, why are there no stars and on the reflection of the helmet , you can kind of see a stage set up for the act. 

   John F. Kennedy at the time was more focused to beat the Soviets than he was actually interested in going to the moon. Which is also another reason why people think its a hoax, there are secret tapes of Kennedy’s discussions that revealed that in private, John F. Kennedy did not care about going to space and exploring the moon. In a 1962 meeting with advisors and NASA administrators, John F. Kennedy admitted “im not that interested in going to space , i just want to win the Cold War” but, just months after John F. Kennedy’s inauguration , The Soviet Union had sent the first man to the moon , and that lead people to think that they made a set up for the moon landings just to win the cold war.