Summer Walker’s drops a new album..And here’s the rundown

Summer Walkers drops a new album..And heres the rundown

Kaylie S., Photojournalist

Kaylie S. -Photojournalist

     The relatable singer Summer Walker first blew up with her hit “Girls need love too“ in early October 2018, which was later made into a remix with the famous rapper Drake in late February 2019. Her song “Girls need love too“ was released in her first album “last day of summer“ with many other amazing hits like “CPR“ and “Deep“ where she talks about past relationships, so if your in your feelings or in the mood to reminisce, I highly recommend this album.

          Summer Walkers new album “Over it“ just recently released October 4th 2019. This album came with many great and popular hits like “Body“,“Stretch you out“,and “I’ll Kill You“. Summer Walker also included her hit single “Playing games“ except this time the hit was made into remix with the rapper Bryson Tiller. This Album was based off of her past Toxic relationship, in her songs “Drunk Dialing…LODT“,“Fun Girl”,“Come Thru“, and “Nobody Else“ speaks a lot on how she felt and how she was treated. Many of Summer Walkers fans and followers thought she was going to make an album about how she doesn’t need her Ex but unfortunately we got sent right back to our feels. 

      Many of Summer Walkers fans we shocked when she came out with an album reminiscing about her relationships , many fans thought she was going to drop an album talking about how much she doesn’t need her Ex’s but instead we got an album that sent us right back to the feels. Overall i feel Summer Walker did an amazing job on her album, I enjoyed her album a lot it definitely got me emotional.     jhené next year will you look  this song was a great night and a good day at the pep boys tonight omg omg is a time for y’all the boys are coming home and we needa is a way you want me i was the summer of time you got me a little boy you were talking about me that bitch is a bitch is gonna i is the summer time to come