Fortnite Chapter 2 Gives the Fresh Start the Game Needed

Fortnite Chapter 2 Gives the Fresh Start the Game Needed

Jackson H., Photojournalist

Jackson H. -Photojournalist

On Sunday, October 13, 2019, Fortnite fans saw their screens go black for the next 48 hours as Fortnite unexpectedly went under the radar after Season X’s final event, deleting their Twitter posts and blacking out all social media as a mysterious black hole was centered on the games screen followed by ominous sounds.

The event was quite suspenseful. The rocket built by the Visitor at Dusty Depot finally blasted off into the sky, opening 6 other rifts that brought 6 Visitors from other dimensions, or more commonly known as “The Seven”. The Visitors plan was simple, drop the meteor frozen in time directly on the zero point, and that’s exactly what happened, however, the zero point started to suck everything, including players into it. Finally the screen flashed to black as the ominous black hole would stay for the next 48 hours.

Over the 48 hour blackout period, random numbers would appear around the black hole. The numbers were decripted as words in the Visitor’s speech. The decripted speech reads “I was not alone. Others were outside the loop. This was not calculated. The zero point is now inevitable.” This is referring that the plan did not work. With Fortnite supposedly seeming gone forever, what happened? Articles spread like wildfire, and theories about the next step of the game were floating around, but on Tuesday morning on October 15, servers suddenly shut down, further pushing what seemed like the end of Fortnite, but we were all wrong.

Servers came back up as the fresh start we needed met our eyes. A new map, limited weapon pool, no crazy transportation, and of course, a brand new battle pass. The game felt completely different and adds a lot of fun and unique features such as fishing, swimming, hideouts, item rarity upgrade benches, and much more! The battle pass is also completely reworked, as advertised by Epic Games it is “Less grind”. Along with weekly challenges giving massive XP amounts, every 24 hours your medal punchcard is reset, play games and complete objectives to gain medals for huge amounts of XP, oh and don’t forget supercharged XP weekends!

With a fresh new start and a battle pass full of awesome rewards, the game is feeling more alive, but we will see what the community thinks, and what lies ahead for the future of the battle royale that took the world by storm. What should we expect? Only time will tell.