The Popular Family known as “The Ace Family”

The Popular Family known as The Ace Family

Emily R.- Photojournalist                           

Who are the Ace Family? The Ace Family is a youtube family that has Austin Mcbroom and Catherine Paiz and there two little girls Elle and Alaia. Austin Mcbroom is a former basketball star, where Catherine Paiz is a fitness model, actor, and social media star. Catherine Paiz began to date Austin Mcbroom in 2015 and they recently got engaged in 2017. Catherine Paiz is a instagram star as well, she has 7.5 million instagram followers, Austin Mcbroom has 6.8 million instagram followers.

         The Ace Family has 17.6 million subscribers. While Catherine Paiz was growing up she played hockey, soccer, volleyball, and she also did swimming, she is able to speak English, Spanish, and French. For there youtube channel every subscriber they get 15,000 dollars per day. There net worth is 13 million dollars. Catherine Paiz is 29 years old, and was born as Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz in Montreal,Canada, she has two younger brothers named Ryan and Josh and has a younger sister that is much younger than her. Austin Mcbroom has two younger half-siblings.

     Why are they called the Ace Family? A is for Austin Mcbroom the C is for Catherine Paiz and the E is for Elle Mcbroom, Austin and Catherine’s a 3 year old daughter. Austin Mcbroom is 27 years old he was born in North Hollywood,Ca he has a younger brother Landon Mcbroom. Catherine and Austin have been together for four years, they had Elle Mcbroom in 2016 and they recently had a daughter Alaia Mcbroom in 2018. The family is young, attractive, and committed to entertaining their legions of fans by vlogging their day-to-day lives (and occasionally pranking each other). The Ace Family has attracted more than 15 million subscribers since launching their YouTube channel in 2016. 

            At first Catherine Paiz didn’t think the relationship was going to last long when they started dating at first in 2015. The ACE Family has amassed over 16 million subscribers and they have more than 32 million total followers across their platform. McBroom and Paiz have shown impressive numbers this month when it comes to their YouTube channel.