Steph Curry injured hand during loss against Phoenix Suns

  Steph Curry injured hand during loss against Phoenix Suns

James T. and Bryce J.

Bryce J. & James T.- Photojournalist

During the third quarter of  the Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns game,  Warriors guard Steph Curry suffered a hand injury when driving in for a lay-up.

The Warriors struggled to keep up following Curry’s injury.  The score ended up being 121 to 110 as the Warriors fell short. When asked about Steph Curry’s injury,  Coach Kerr replied by saying ‘We’re in a tough spot and we are going to have to adjust to the situation.”

Not only was this a tough change for the Golden State Warrior, but this could affect Curry for the rest of the season. A CT scan will determine if he needs surgery or not, but his return is unknown. What will the Golden State do now without both Curry and Klay Thompson who was injured last year due to a torn ACL during the NBA Finals. 

The Warriors will be shorthanded to start the season especially with the departure of superstar Kevin Durant in the offseason. Draymond Green will be expected to cover a heavier load as he awaits the return of his all-star teammates.  This should be a challenge as the western conference is stacked with championship contending teams. This includes the Houston Rockets, the Los Angelas Lakers, and the new look Los Angelas Clippers who added Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.