Spurs Fall Short to Lakers 103-96

Spurs Fall Short to Lakers 103-96

Emily R., Photojournalist

Emily R.-Photojournalist

Yesterday the Spurs played the Lakers at the AT&T center. The score was Lakers 103 and Spurs 96. Expectations weren’t high when the Lakers brought Dwight Howard back for a second stint in Los Angeles, and for a good season. Even more impressive was that Howard went a perfect 7 of 7 from the field. Coach Gregg Popovich and the Spurs almost pulled off another magic trick on Sunday night against the Lakers. 

          The impressive part is that they were close in a game where they purposefully and repeatedly put DeMar DeRozan on Anthony Davis. In the 2nd quarter the Lakers had 43 and Spurs 36. The fourth was different for a couple of reasons. With less than a minute to go in a two possession game, the Lakers had every incentive to run the clock down and LeBron seemed intent on doing just that. 

The Spurs had a shot with 3 minutes left with a tie score of 90 to 90.  Unfortunately, the spurs missed a rebound and gave the ball back to the lakers which lead to a three pointer by Lakers guard Caldwell-Pope.

The Lakers are full of stars with Lebron James and Anthony Davis.

In the end, though, the Spurs didn’t lose this game solely because they gambled with DeMar on Davis, nor because they let Howard eat on putbacks.

             They held the Lakers to 98 points per 100 possessions, per Cleaning the Glass, the Silver and Black’s best performance of the season. San Antonio’s performance was balanced, but the Lakers latest win was much more dominated by their stars.