8th grade Football defeats Legacy in Homecoming Game


HMS Hurricane Watch

HMS Hurricane Watch

The stands were filled with purple and burgundy as Heritage took on Legacy in the last game of the season. It did not take long for the Legacy Knights to reach the end zone as the Canes quickly found themselves down 8-0 after Legacy reached the red zone and connected on a thirty yard pass to take the lead. 

The Canes quickly responded in the first quarter after QB Austin Vivier connected with RB Bryston Brown on a screen pass for 46 yards to the house. The Canes would also connect on a two-point conversion when Brown was able to reach the endzone on a read-option tying up the game.  

After the Canes defense got a stop on the next possession, the Canes offense would strike quickly in the second quarter when Bryston would get loose again for another Canes touchdown.  The canes would go into the half with the lead of 16-8. “I feel like we could have played a little bit better overall, but we won because of our teamwork. It was truly a great win for us.” stated, Bryston Brown.  

The second half the Canes came out ready to put Knights away as they took a commanding lead after Austin Vivier would score on a 38 yard touchdown run in the 3rd quarter.  Bryston Brown would also find his way to the endzone two more times in the second half. 

The Canes would take a large lead into the fourth quarter as they found themselves ahead 29-16 with just four minutes left on the clock.  The Canes would fumble the ball and Legacy would take over from the Canes 40-yard line with just under four minutes left. Legacy marched down the field and would score a touchdown and a two-point conversion, bringing the score to 29-22 with just 1:30 left on the clock. The crowd was excited as everyone awaited for Legacy to line up for the onside kick.  The Canes would recover the kick and take a knee in victory formation. The game truly came down to the final minute as both teams proved that they were forces to be reckon with next year at East Central. Thank you to everyone who came out to support both schools in the last football game of the season.