Coronavirus: How bad is it? 

Coronavirus: How bad is it? 

Coronavirus: How bad is it? Garrett V. – photojournalist

The Coronavirus. Its new outbreak is a fairly complicated issue. Politics, confusing count changes, and general misinformation are facts that came to be. A lot of people have some facts mixed up with it, and the issue of that can be solved with basic information.


First, the name. Coronaviruses aren’t one thing; they’re a category of certain viruses. Coronaviruses are Zoonotic, or transmitted via animals. A World Health Organization (WHO) report stated how common symptoms for all coronaviruses include “respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties,” with more severe symptoms including “pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.” 


The recent Corona Virus outbreak originated in Wuhan, China, with some connections to the meat and seafood market, suggesting animal to person infection for earlier cases. Later cases had no reports of meat and fish markets, suggesting person to person infection, which has been reported in places outside of China, such as the U.S. 


So what is the severity of the outbreak, and how bad is it to be infected? So far the virus has infected over 80,000 people globally, who have had symptoms ranging from mild to severe, with 2,700 people dying of the illness. In the US, the general risk of individual infection is relatively low, with those infected being quarantined. However, the CDC stated how, “it’s important to note that current global circumstances suggest it is likely that this virus will cause a pandemic. In that case, the risk assessment would be different.”