Upcoming STAAR tests and tips to overcome it

Upcoming STAAR tests and tips to overcome it

James T. -Photojournalist

As everybody knows, the upcoming STAAR test is upon us. The first STAAR test will be on April eighth, of 2020. Knowing that the STAAR test is soon everybody is realizing how stressful this day is, so I will be telling you some ways to overcome the anxiety of the testing days.

I’m here to tell you how to prepare, so you can pass and get ready for the next grade. questions so you know your material. Now, these are all great ways of getting ready.  The easiest way to prepare for the STAAR test is to listen to your teacher, if you have not paid attention it may be too late. A suggestion could be to go tutoring. Also you could make sure to finish all your practice work and take it home.  Another suggestion is to go over previous STAAR questions. 

Along with practice, students also have an issue with anxiety.  According to WeAreTeachers.org, over 35 percent of all students have moderate to severe levels of anxiety from testing.  I overcome anxiety by chewing gum, including flavor spearmint Which is beneficial because the flavor of spearmint not only tastes good but the smell activates your mind ,so that you will be fully awake during the test allowing maximum test accuracy. 

Another problem for teenagers or younger kids is not getting enough sleep. A good amount of sleep would be about eight hours. Doing this will allow you to be awake and alert for the test. 

These are all the tips you need to accomplish to succeed for the STAAR test.