Why you should watch the new sonic movie

Why you should watch the new sonic movie

James T.

The brand new movie Sonic the hedgehog ,is a movie about a hedgehog that has to travel to earth to escape natives who want to steal his power. While he’s there he stalks one person in particular the donut lord aka (James Marden). Who play’s the city cop ,and strives to be chief of police in San Francisco. During the movie they become friends ,and team up to defeat doctor eggman aka(Jim Carry). Who has been tasked with destroying Sonic with his large arsenal of robot’s for take his power.

In my opinion, I loved it , and I’m not the only one. 95 percent of people who watched the movie loved it, and gave it a five star rating. Sonic received a 64 percent rotten tomatoes by local critics, and a 6.8 out of 10 from IMDB. Most people loved the movie and I thought the fact that they decided to make an older game a movie was great.

Within the first week, Sonic made up to 57 million dollars. If we’re talking about the movie in Japan and China, it made 43 million dollar the first week. allowing the movie 100 million dollars the first week.  Lots of people had low expectations for the movie because it’s been known that video games made into movies don’t do well. For example, assassin’s creed which was made in 2016 ended up only making 240 million dollars after 3 months of it being out, but so far sonic has made 203 million dollars world wide.

After reading this I hope that you decide to go watch Sonic and enjoy the movie as much as I did .