Should police officers carry guns?

A. Owen, Journalism 1 Student

Most of my family, on my dad’s side, were cops or are cops. Like my grandparents, they are retired cops, my uncle is an officer, my dad is an officer, but then I also have my cousin’s dad who is a Firefighter. So I have people in my family who want to make a difference. 

Like my dad said, “ Because I wanted to be a person that could help people and it’s also something I wanted to do since I was a kid.” 

Have you ever seen a police officer carry a gun? Do you think they should have one and carry them? 

I think they should. 

I think they should because my dad is a police officer. I think that’s one of the ways that police officers can protect the people. I believe that because if they didn’t then if there was a person that had a loaded gun and went around murdering people , and the police officers didn’t have a gun then the person could shoot the police officer, and the police officer wouldn’t be armed.  

He’d be armed with a taser, baton, and probably pepper spray. But none of those can stop a bullet except for the bullet proof vest, sometimes they can hit other body parts.  But if they don’t have a gun then they can’t protect their family and other people like strangers. I think people want to become police officers because they wanna make a difference in the world and protect people they don’t know.  

I think when police officers pull out guns on people, I think that’s an instinct for them in a situation where they’re asking the people questions, and the person moves in a quick  manner. The police officer pulls out the gun on instinct for protection. Like in movies where they put a police officer in it they make the actor playing him/her pull out the gun in any situation. But unlike the movies this is real life it’s (reality).

My Dad said “that only 63% of officers haven’t even fired their weapon.” 

I think that having a gun for police officers is just a safety precaution for them. They don’t really use them just for training, and the shooting range at the Academy. They do it just for practice at the shooting range to see if you can actually shoot the gun and hit the target.